Object picking definitely needs major work please fix

Please fix the picking of objects in V6, it’s pretty bad now in all viewport modes except wireframe.
99% of the time Rhino never picks the right object I have clicked on in all render modes except wireframe, good old wireframe.
It’s really pretty bad and should not be this way. I can see ghosted view working like this but the other views are really bad for picking objects and we always get the dam picker window to choose objects when I can see I have definitely clicked on the object and not another one. Also I mainly find myself on what should not be difficult modeling operations like extrude with endpoint selected to work where it finds no endepoint then I go into wireframe mode and the snap and command works perfect.
Object picking definitely needs major work.

I have experienced Rhino 6 changing the mouse pick radius on its own sometimes, which messes up the picking (you get a lot of objects you don’t want this way). The default value is 7, mine sometimes switched to 30, which was pretty annoying until I figured out what’s going on. It can be set in Advanced Options, or in -Options command like this:

Just an idea, maybe there is something else going on…


I was having the same thought just the other day as to how difficult it can be to select what is clearly right under the mouse arrow, and not some piece of geometry that is buried behind it. Out of habit I try to select over an obvious edge or isocurve of the intended object, but even this is not entirely reliable.
One of the best (in my opinion) upgrades in v6 was the option to not snap to occluded objects tab. Is a “don’t select occluded objects” option a possibility? I wonder.

Hi Jarek,
I just checked and mine is set to 7 but object picking is still doesn’t work well.

Hi Roland, yeah it was a wild guess. I sometimes also experience problems with object picking behavior, but it is file-based, not general, and usually starts when files get complex. Especially objects with some transparency are getting hard to pick. I have no other ideas, sorry.


Hi Jarek,
Yep that’s why I find myself switching back to wireframe more often than in v5 but maybe it’s the complexity of the files. I do find transparency does play a role maybe object picking is just tuned too much for each view mode?

Hi All - does it make any difference if you are in a parallel projection as opposed to perspective?


I don’t remember issues in Parallel, but 95% of my work in Rhino is done directly in single maximized perspective view… (pretty awesome that it is possible, if you think about it, regardless of picking issues)

Hi Pascal,
Parallel seems much better at getting the right pick in any view mode.

I think view mode has a lot to do with it when in the perspective view. I get the best and most accurate results picking in perspective view if I use wireframe view mode. But I love the rendered view and all view modes like ghosted and artic come into play depending on what one needs to focus on or see for modeling.