Object picking issue


I am having weird issue with Rhino and specific file (in other files it works OK) that never happened before: when I try to pick shaded objects, 90% of the time it picks the ones BEHIND the ones visible in front of it. No transparency set in the file. I need to change view angle to have no overlapping objects to pick the ones I need to. Has anyone ran into similar issue?



Can you post a screen grab of the arrangement you are talking about?

Hi Jarek - I’d like to see the particular case, but a couple of things come to mind -

  1. If the scene extents are very large, I can imagine that depth sorting might be imprecise , maybe more so in perspective projections. I don’t know for sure that this is so, but it seems possible.

  2. It may be that your pick hits a wire on the object behind, I’m not sure but that this may take precedence.

In any case, please try the same operation on the WIP - it should be a lot better.


Hi @Pascal and @cosmas, and thanks for your responses. I figured out that the problem indeed was a very large scene extents (one ‘phantom’ mesh face in particular from an imported model). Problem solved.