Object ID numbers and oredering in lists

I use Orca3D and when I run a report the order in which items in a group get displayed doesn’t seem to be alphabetical. I imagine that the order in which they get created and the number which is assigned at that time. I thought that I could copy/paste in the order that I want but that doesn’t seem to change things. How can I order these? Perhaps copy/paste into a new instance of Rhino in the order that I want and then copy the whole thing back into my original document?

Hi Jody- try Cut/Paste one by one in the order you like - actually probably reverse order will be the way - does that do it?



That seems to do it but cut/paste seems to take a long time on each paste and I found it was much quicker to mirror across Y in the order that you mention and I get the ordering I want.


Hmm - do your objects have user data from a plug-in or anything? Can you post or send me one or two for a look?



Yes, they have been assigned a material in Orca3D as well as a real material using PetersTools ‘RealMaterals’ in his BOM tools. I like being able to use Peters ‘Add Object Notes’ to each stringer to list the individual weight. Easier for a builder to look up than to send him a Orca spreadsheet. I don’t think the two material definitions are conflicting but I’ll send something for your scrutiny.

MaiTa’i Nui Stringers.3dm (1.6 MB)

Odd thing Pascal. If I mirror in the desired order across the Y axis as described above to get the listing right in my Orca reports, then when I mirror the whole group back to the original side the stack gets turned upside down alphabetically! This is a catamaran, so I need port and stbd groups but it is odd that on the second mirror operation they get new ids reverse from what they had before mirroring.

Yeah, you’ll also find orders reversing when you close and reopen a file.