Selection order

In rhino6 when i use mirror command to have specular copies i see debugging in Add override method that the selected objects are added from the last selected to the first if i use cross selection while they are added from the first to the last if i select them one by one.Is there a way to know what is the right order for all the commands that create copies (for example polararray scale with copyoption ,flow along surface …). thank you

I found the issue. i was little confused because i used a trick i did not remenber.In beforetransform override method i used activedoc… getselectedobjects() instead of using e.objects() given by the override event. i did so because in rhino 5 e.objects() did not work .(it was always null).
Now i think e.objects is working well,i will test it. Anyway getselectedobjects() method gives a particular order to the array result?thankyou

Hi gianFranco
I encountered the same problem. Have you found a solution?

Hi, the solution is to attach to the ids of the objects that will be copied to their attributes. In this way you will recognize them when they will be added to the doc in add event