Understanding ObjectList Ordering

From what I’ve figured out from experimentation, the ObjectList generated from the ObjectTable.GetObjectList() method (using default Enumerator settings) is ordered from most to least recent, whether that be in regards to creation or modification of an object’s geometry. Editing an object’s attributes does not alter its position in the list.

I’m curious if there are any other insights someone at McNeel (or anyone who has explored this before) has into:

  1. How this particular ObjectList generated by this method is ordered beyond what I’ve described above
  2. Whether there is any other interesting “stable” object ordering information contained within a Rhino Document related to, say, just the creation of its constituent objects. I know that I’m able to create custom scripts and plugins with EventListeners that automatically embed, say, date and user information when an object is added to the ObjectTable, but I’m more curious on what I could determine forensically looking at a file authored by someone else.

Thanks so much!