Object "growing"

Hello Everyone,

Is there any way to create an animation of an object that looks like it “growing” along a path? To better describe, let’s say a pipe or shape that is extrude along a helix. The animation would start out with one revolution, then “grow” along the helix until it reached the end of the curve. I hope this makes sense. I figured out how to use UDT and flow and get a shape to animate flowing along a helix via turning on history and manipulating the input curve, but I haven’t been able to figure out if it’s possible to take that same shape and make is extrude or rail along the curve so that it looks like a solid object is “growing”.


The only way I can think of to do this in Bongo is to make the spiral/helix and then animate the “growing” by moving a clipping plane upwards. This of course requires that the renderer that you renderer the animation with supports Rhino clipping planes.

Thanks Marika. I’m using the Octane Plugin for Rhino. It’s based off of Rhino’s RDK, and overall they two work VERY well together. I’ve been able to do most of what Bongo Offers in Octane. There’s always the option of rendering Rhino materials in Octane and then I can do everything that Bongo Offers in Octane. There are several features that I wish Bongo had, but overall, Bongo is a nice program. I’m still evaluating Bnogo, running tests, etc.