Block objects do not obey the detaildisplaycolor and detailprintcolor settings

Hey guys,

I have objects inside blocks which are set to inherit display color, linetype, print color and print width from the parent layer (i.e. By Parent). However, when i change the detaildisplaycolor or detailprintcolor of the layer the block is on in a detail view on a layout, the object does not display or print in the color I have chosen. However, non-block objects on the same layer do display in that color. The block objects continue to obey the global layer display and print colors.

Is this a known issue?


Hi Iain - sorry, this is indeed another bug…



No worries. I just realized it wasn’t behaving as expected and figured you should know :smile:. I recognize that the layouts are relatively new and that there are likely to be odd undiscovered bugs. I love Rhino and just want to help make it even better :wink:

Hi Iain - thanks - - the combination of display of blocks and details and clipping and display modes gets fairly convoluted and there may well be other cases - fire away if you find any.


Will do.

Slightly off-topic, is there any way to shade certain objects in a detail view and leave others in e.g. wireframe or technical display modes? Like shadeselected, but more permanent?

Try setObjectDisplayMode

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Thanks :smile: