Object do not cap

i am trying to cap this two objects and its fail to cap them…
all i get from rhino is this… "Unable to cap one object. The openings did not have closed, planar loops of edges…???:confused:
what can i do to cap the objects?
thanks :relaxed:

When you extract the border of the object (use DupBorder), you can check that curve. First check if it’s a closed curve. If it is closed, you will have to check carefully for any points on that curve that are not in the same plane as the others.

When stuck, attach your model to your message here on Discourse and someone will have a look…

the points are not in the same plane.
is there a way to cap them in this situation?

Not automatically with a planar cap, no.
In some cases, it would be a piece of cake with an EdgeSrf, for example. But without looking at that file, it is impossible for me to say…

hdnew8fw.3dm (135.8 KB)

Here is one way of doing that. Two Sweep2 surfaces, and one EdgeSrf…
hdnew8fw-wd.3dm (259.2 KB)

thanks :slight_smile: