How do I cap an object that will not cap?

AskRhino3D SHAPES.3dm (2.8 MB) I am trying to cap the highlighted objects but rhino will not let me. Any information would be great. Thanks

** The first shape is already capped **

Hello - Cap works where there is a closed, planar loop of edge curves. Some of these clearly do not have then, a couple do but are coincident at the centers of the shapes so Cap cannot close the object - you can DupBorder, PlanarSrf and then Join those surfaces back in. One object has no planar opening -

You’ll need to make your own surfaces there and Join as well.


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you have some janky geometry here…

I used planar surfaces instead of cap… the singularities were causing some confusion of the cap. planar surface works fine tho…

Did a little clean up with removeallnakedmicroedge command. AskRhino3D SHAPES_kfix.3dm (2.9 MB)

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Thanks, I actually cannot open up this file because I still have rhino 6 @theoutside

Grab the v7 eval! Try the New stuff!