Object Disappearing in Layout Tabs

Hey everyone,

I am in the layout tab, in isometric view, with a custom shaded display mode, and am trying to use the “setobjectdisplaymode” to blocks nested within other blocks. Who would have thought this would pose an issue (haha)? The blocks that have been given custom display modes seem to disappear when I turn on other layers. I’ve played around with the custom display mode by disabling the ground plane etc, but have had no luck. Bonus: when I zoom in and out, they suddenly become visible, but only when I’m zooming around. This is a pretty weird scenario to begin with so my hopes of finding others that have the same issue let alone a solution feel pretty low. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated - willing to pm the file and display modes if necessary.

Hello - if you can pare this down to a single instance of a block and a few layers, send us the file - if not, send the whole thing… tech@mcneel.com. Please include a link back here in your comments.


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I’m having disappearing Layout objects but with a much simpler file structure. All disappearing objects are located on the Layout itself.

PROBLEM SOLVED, but i’m posting here in hopes that someone else doesn’t have to figure it out for themselves

PROBLEM: Many objects have suddenly stopped rendering (see screenshots) on a single layout… other layouts don’t seem to be affected.

SOLUTION: Duplicate a functioning layout, copy all items from malfunctioning layout, paste into new layout. Be happy.

OTHER TROUBLESHOOTING INFO (maybe @McNeel can use this to fix the problem):
I’ve tried 2 other files with no problems. The problem seems to be located in the file?
The problem just appeared today, though it’s been a while since the last Rhino update. Last windows update was over 10 days ago.
The objects remain invisible unless I zoom around with either mouse or space navigator. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix. It’s unusable.

Things I’ve tried but haven’t had an effect:
Duplicated layout - objects still disappear in duplicate
Toggled print display (the layers in question don’t have print display overrides set in the layers panel)
Ensured object display was ByLayer, and that layer display was on in Layout.
Unplugged space navigator and restarted Rhino
Updating video card driver (none available, was already up to date)
Restarted PC twice
Searched Rhino 7 help for ‘disappearing’, but came up empty

Had the exact same issue that this solution worked for. Some existing layouts stopped displaying correctly, copying objects to a new layout solves the issue. Duplicating the layout does not. This one’s a little spooky, any guesses how we can have this not happen?

Hi Clayton - can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results? Can you also post, or send to tech@mcneel.com, along with a lionk back here, a file that displays incorrectly?


You bet, I’ll just send an email.