Object Disappearing in Layout Tabs

Hey everyone,

I am in the layout tab, in isometric view, with a custom shaded display mode, and am trying to use the “setobjectdisplaymode” to blocks nested within other blocks. Who would have thought this would pose an issue (haha)? The blocks that have been given custom display modes seem to disappear when I turn on other layers. I’ve played around with the custom display mode by disabling the ground plane etc, but have had no luck. Bonus: when I zoom in and out, they suddenly become visible, but only when I’m zooming around. This is a pretty weird scenario to begin with so my hopes of finding others that have the same issue let alone a solution feel pretty low. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated - willing to pm the file and display modes if necessary.

Hello - if you can pare this down to a single instance of a block and a few layers, send us the file - if not, send the whole thing… tech@mcneel.com. Please include a link back here in your comments.


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