Object Array - need XYZ distance info before ending the command

This is a “bump” wish from old NG era:
the “Rectangular Array” show the number of items in XYZ (in the command bar) so you can easily edit it to match your needs.
What I find difficult is to check the distance parameter… if I edit it (let’s say X distance) I don’t have any reference to the old one so I have to guess it (I need more distance between items… 20 would be fine… could be it was 100? let’s try 120… no, it was 150… so let’s try 170… and so on).
By the way, don’t want to talk about typing errors… you can’t check them before ending the command…

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Hi Lucio,

Thanks for the feedback. Are you looking for the interactive preview to work again when editing the X,Y or Z distance?

Yes, after distance editing the preview have to be upgraded.

Thanks, I’ve filed this as RH-22377 (the report is not public at this time) and hopefully this can be tuned up for added interactive preview when editing spacing.

Thanks Brian!