Best way to determine the number of objects in a polar array to fit end to end

AutoCad has the ability in it’s array command to add objects and adjust the distance between. I can’t seem to find that in Rhino. Anyone have recommended array methods?

_ArrayCrv has it

After you have entered the numbers of objects in X/Y/Z and before you have entered the distances, you will see some options on the command line. The first one will be _Preview. I suspect you have it set to No. Set it to Yes and after entering the distances you will be shown a preview of the array and you can then change any/all of the settings at the command line, both numbers and distances. Then hit Enter to complete the command.

If you have preview set to No, the command completes automatically after you have set the last distance so you can’t adjust anything. The _Preview setting is sticky between sessions, so once you have set it it will stay set until you actively unset it again.

HTH, --Mitch

I’m still not seeing where I can add/subtract objects or adjust distance in real time like this.

You can’t. All you can do is adjust the angle, spacing and number of objects while you’re in the command. This is done with command line entry for the number of objects, the fill angle can be adjusted either by typing or onscreen, but there is no real time preview. Once the command is complete, you can no longer modify the array parameters.

Rhino’s array tools are not that flexible.
You can take a look at Armadillo or ArrayCrvPLUS plugins that offer some more flexibility, among other features, in that area: