Array Bug?

Is this working properly?

Set Z-count to 6 and the other axis =1 but it arrays on the Y-axis

Thank you for your help!

The X, Y and Z distance and number values are relative to the active CPlane X, Y, and Z axes, not relative to World XYZ. It can be confusing as sometimes you don’t notice which viewport is active when executing the command, another source of confusion is that often people expect that it works relative to World.

Ah ok, maybe there is a less confusing way in the future :slight_smile:

Mitch I have another thing with array, I believe in the past I was able to get a script for this here or somewhere else. It’s the array behavior that you will set the array distance of each instance instead what would be often better the overall lenght of the total array. to distribute better and have better control. Maybe this is even a feature for v8 as an option in the array command.

Maybe you know such a script.


there is the distribute command for this. Alternatively, I once made a script called ArrayBetween, that might be what you’re looking for.