ArrayLinear - preview setting doesn't allow adjustments :-(

I don’t use this command much at all, but I was just trying something… The preview setting, which should allow the user to see a preview and adjust at least the number of items (distance too would be nice) - well, it does show a preview, but that’s mostly useless because once you set the second point for distance/direction, the command finishes. I’m surprised this works this way, even in the current WIP, and even more so that there is no item in YouTrack addressing this… :frowning_face:

Hi Mitch,
You may have Preview=No; it is an option when picking First and Second points. Just thinking :thinking:

No, Preview is set to yes. In fact, if you hover over the second point to pick, you get the preview and as long as you don’t actually click to set the point, you can reset the number of items. But that’s not how the preview of the other array commands work, with those you set the second point and you get a preview which you can OK or adjust - both the number of elements and the distance/angle etc… That’s how I expect ArrayLinear to work as well.

Yes you are correct. :ok_hand:
Option for “spacing” as in rectangular array would be welcome.

Well in theory both item numbers and spacing/direction could be editable in the preview stage.