OBJ export merges meshes


When exporting from Rhino to OBJ, meshes seem to always be merged by material, regardless of layers, groups, objects, etc. You can test by importing the OBJ back into Rhino.

This is troublesome when I need to work with the meshes individually in other software but keep the same material.

Other formats like Collada preserve the meshes, but I prefer to work with OBJ/MTL. Is there some setting or export option that I’m missing?


do you mean welded or what do you mean by merged? did you read through the obj export options? and are you sure they are not just grouped as via the import options? have you got an example file or a screen shot and can explain maybe in detail with this?

Sorry for the delay. Nothing to do with vertex normals welded/unwelded in the meshes. I mean the meshes themselves are joined.

Here are two meshes in Rhino:

rhino-two-meshes.3dm (2.9 MB)

Here are the OBJ export settings I used for this example:

rhino-two-meshes.obj.zip (3.3 KB)

And the result of re-importing the OBJ into Rhino, only one mesh:

Either it’s a limitation of the OBJ format that I’m not aware of, or I need to use groups somehow.

Hello - You can name the objects, all with different names- that should help. On Export, set 'Export names as: Obj objects.

Any luck?


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Sorry for the long delay. That was helpful, thanks!