OBJ Export File Writing Plug-In Failed

Can’t seem to export .objs from RhinoWIP (6.15.19113.12066, 2019-04-23). Originally I thought it was the complexity of the model but after testing, it seems even a simple cube, sphere or torus causes the plugin to fail. Export works flawlessly on Rhino 5 Mac. I’m running an iMac (Late 2014) on Mojave10.14.

I see that here.

Logged in:
RH-52282 Export OBJ: Export fails

Thanks for reporting this.

No problem. Thank you for the prompt response. Looking forward to the update.

Export OBJ should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP. Please try it out to make sure and let us know if you still see issues.

Thanks again!

I am having the same issue but the page that you listed to solve the other users problem does not work. How can I resolve my issue?

Hi Rebeca-

Sorry for the delayed reply. This issue ought to be fixed, so I’m curious what version of Rhino are you running. Can you please run the _SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste in the information it displays?

Hi, I am getting this problem with Rhino7. I can’t export any objs.

I’m on a Mac Big Sur 11.5.2

FailToExportOBJ.txt (6.8 KB)

Hello all,
I had the same issue and solved it by choosing the ‘Mac OSX’ option and not the windows option (which it defaults to)
Hopefully this solves your issue too.