Export to obj fails

Hi, I’m using rhino 6 for mac and I can’t export any object in .obj format or any format too. I tried to unninstall and reinstall but I keep getting this error message whenever I export a file or object : “The writing plug-in failed”.

Please help me if you know a solution to this problem.

I don’t know if with mac works the same but have you tried with repair installation?

You can’t do repair installation on mac but I already tried to reinstall rhino manually.

Hi - Could you try resetting your preferences to see if that helps?
If you have customized a lot, you might want to save your preferences first - see this document:

I already did that reset and nothing changed, however I noticed that I can export some objects if I choose the “nurbs” option in the obj export dialogue options instead of “mesh”.

Hi - can you post a 3dm file with an object that doesn’t get exported to OBJ as mesh?