Nvidia ---- Ti vs older version....?

Any benefits going with the Ti version…?

That’s a hilariously vague question. Just get the best nvidia you can afford. Today it doesn’t matter what’s the ‘best deal’ or ‘what’s worth it,’ it’s just ‘what you can find.’

Hi @brianscottwheeler
Nvidia’s Ti cards are sort of “in-between and improved” cards. So a 3050 Ti is faster than the original 3050, but won’t be as fast as the 3060. If it’s worth it? Depends on the price and how much money you have :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob
EDIT: An example

Ti’s are faster (core speed) and can have more cuda cores or ram. They are beefed up versions in one or more weays. Just compare the specs and the speed in Gustavos link.
It comes at the cost of a higher power draw and thus more heat produced. (In a laptop that can mean shorter batterylife and more fan noise)

Glad you got a chuckle out of my question…I have always said it doesn’t matter if you’re laughing at me or with me as long as you’re laughing.

For a more in-depth explanation… My work system is going on 9 years old and I’m due a new one anytime I want to upgrade…Money isn’t a concern up to a point (say 3 to 4 grand) but I don’t want to spend money on an upgraded graphics card if It would be better spent on say more RAM or faster processor…? I will not be building a system and in the past high end gaming systems have been just fine. The last few cad stations I have bought for the office came from Micro Center. Any advice would be much appreciated.


The GPU is pretty important…get the best nvidia you can find.

If you just need it for display, i wouldnt bother. If you want to use the GPU to render in Cycles(or some other GPU capable renderer), obviously the more power and VRAM the better.