NVIDIA RTX A1000 4GB or GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB

〇 ThinkPad P16 Corei7-12800HX NVIDIA RTX A1000 4GB GDDR6
〇 Lenovo Legion 770i Core i7-12800HX GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB GDDR6
The price is the same.
Which one should you buy?
Modeling about 1 GB in Rhino 7.
Please let us know what you think.

The RTX.

I disagree I have A1000 on my laptop and it sucks.
3070 Ti is a completely different class of GPU. Larger, more CUDA cores (triple), higher clock speed and more VRAM.

The RTX A1000 is a smaller GPU aimed at business laptops with Hybrid Graphics and lower power consumption.

I said RTX…by which I mean the 3070, I thought they still called the A1000 a quadro…

You meant GeForce RTX? Then I agree. I guess everything is an RTX now.
Quadro is out.

Also the Quadro drivers , are now called “RTX enterprise driver”.
The only place you can find the name Quadro is in a tool called “Quadro Experience” which is a copycat of GeForce Experience.

Is there a big difference in performance?

Yes. You will feel it in rendering.

As an example here is the passmark scores.

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Hi @安藤_綾二
I have an almost similar laptop (RTX3070 and i7) from Acer, and it’s quite close to my (2½ year old) desktop in performance. The desktop is a dual CPU Xeon with a Quadro RTX 4000 sporting 96GB of Ram, and although still the fastest of the two, I’m really pleasently surprised with my laptop’s performance.
Here’s a direct comparison of the two - as you can see, the GeForce blows the A1000 out of the water (scroll down for charts) :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob


call it “Workstation by Day, Gaming By Night , More Workstation by Late Night”
That was a Pandemic Life slogan.


Thank you very much.
It was easy to understand.

Thank you very much.
It was very easy to understand.
buy GeForce.

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