NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Graphics

opinion on this configuration? please

HP Envy Desktop Bundle PC, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Graphics,12th Generation Intel Core i9 Processor, 16 GB SDRAM, 1 TB SSD, Windows 11 Home OS, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth (TE02-0042, 2022)

No complex rendering needed.

32 GB would be better, but…I mean, it’s fine? At the right price. That said my advice would be maybe to hold out until you can get something more top-shelf. “Wait as long as you can, spend as much as you can, don’t look back.”


Thanks will go for 32.
Another question please…
At the low end, don’t understand if processor speed or graphics card speed is best for Rhino.
Of these two options, your opinion??

12th Gen Intel 12-Core i7-12700 3.6GHz
Windows 11 Pro
GeForce RTX 3060
(Boost Clock: 1665 MHz
Ray Tracing Cores: 38
Shader core count or CUDAs: 4864
Tensor Cores: 152)


Intel Core i9-12900 processor 2.40GHz
Windows 11 Home
GeForce RTX 3070
(Boost Clock: 1725 MHz
Ray Tracing Cores: 46
Shader core count or CUDAs: 5888
Tensor Cores: 184)

Thanks Jim

Eh, both matter, it depends on what you’re doing from moment to moment which matters more. I’d probably opt for the 3070? The 3060 is markedly slower than my 5-year-old GPU, though the 3070 is only a bit faster than it.


As Jim told, it depends from what you are doing in your job.
Comparing the two machines, the i7 with rtx3060 should be much cheaper than the i9 with rtx3070 but can cover the major of the scenarios without problems (for example I’ve built an i3 - RTX3060 - 32GB - Asus TUF motherboard and is much faster and smooth with Rhino than I supposed… in the past I’ve never used machines with less than i7, but now, if you don’t need a lot of cores, smaller cpus aren’t so bad).
For sure, if you choose the i9 machine, I would put 64GB of Ram and put windows 11 pro (never understood why they put a home edition on a machine that is made for work).

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It’s not needed. The main difference with the “pro” version is it can connect to a corporate Windows network…if that’s even a differentiation anymore. Probably some stuff about virtual machines, too. There may be some different limits on how much RAM or how many cores you can ultimately have, between “more than anyone’s going to have outside a datacenter” and “more than anyone’s going to have.”

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Not needed but I prefer the Pro version (I’ve had some issues with home version… probably I was unlucky but with an I9 machine I prefer to be free to do what I want without any limitation).

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Isn’t the GeForce RTX 3070 OR the 3060 better capability than my old MacPro running two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 cards?

They are much better, yes.

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I’ve had a dual GTX connected via SLI but didn’t see a better performance in Rhino.
We have to say that GTX680 is quite old (10 Years?)…
If you want to check some scores with holomark there is an old post that is updated from 2014

Or you can see a comparison between RTX and GTX on UserBenchmark

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