GPU 3060:12GB or Ti?

What to look for? Is the RTX 3060 12GB or the RTX 3060 Ti? Which would work better in Rhino. Or maybe something else in this budget? Help

Hi, the 3060 ti has both more cores and higher speed so it will work better in Rhino for both rendering and viewport redraws.
So it all depends on what software you use and how much Vram you need. If 8GB isn’t enough then the 3060 12GB card is the obvious choise, but if 8GB is enough then the 3060 ti should be your best bet.

Do check you have enough power to spare on your power supply though, and that the case is ventilated enough, the 3060 ti will be more noisy than the 3060 due to a higher power draw and thus more need for cooling. So if you are sound sensitive then check out the reviews on the different manufacturers.


ok thank you for the info, I need a tab that optimally displays the “rendered” in the perspective window. I saw Rhino recommend rtx 5000, 6000 which have more GB so I figured maybe it is similar with 3060 version and will choose 12GB Ti over Ti

Rhino is quite kind on the GB use and those 12GB cards are currently for heavy CUDA calculations.
@nathanletwory might give some input on how much Vram he has managed to use up on heavy rendering, but none of my systems has more than 8GB of vram. TwinMotion also requires 8GB vram for raytracing on the GPU. And to my knowledge this is more than enought for Rendered in Rhino even if you have a few 4K monitors. Please correct me if I’m wrong Nathan.

Since the TI is faster and you need speed then that would be my recommendation.

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Just put 12 8K textures on your model and start Raytracing. Your memory will be full :slight_smile:


I’m using the Shaded viewer. I noticed that on a computer with an RTX 2060 6GB card, I must have a minimized window to smoothly rotate the object. And on a computer with an RTX 2060 8GB card it works slightly faster. For this I thought more memory helps