Nvidia Performance Overlay

How can I get rid of this annoying popup from NVidea in my Rhino 8 modeling window everytime I use Control-Alt-R to get the rendered (raytraced?) display mode? To get rid of it I have to hit Alt+R but it seems to come back


Your card most likely comes with the ‘Desktop Manager’, correct? Open it, go to ‘windows/hotkeys’, find that rascal and turn it off or change it to some other key combo. If no ‘desktop manager’ option exists, or the hotkeys aren’t there, it depends - if the card is a gamer one maybe go to the GeForce Experience thing and find it there? Lol did you google it?

I did google GeoForce Experience and found vids showing how to disable from there but don’t find the options and buttons shown in my version. I did update todays driver update and have gone back to working in R7 until I get this sorted out. Thanks for your reply though. V8 is pretty frustrating for a number of reasons, not sure if this is a R8 issue though.

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Hi Jody,

This is a feature of the Geforce Experience option for your Nvidia card. Unless you are a gamer and want this option, best not to install it. When installing the driver, choose the custom install option and select Clean Install and deselect Geforce Experience.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try Jeremy.