NVIDIA GTX 1070 FOR RHINO - Please help

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I have two 980ti, the previous of GTX and I’ve had 0 problems.

I have been thinking about the same thing over the past few days. My work desktop has a GeForce GTX and it has always felt slightly laggy with rotating large models and hiding showing etc.
I tested the same file on a dell precision laptop with a Quadro card and it’s another story - it is much more responsive.
I’ve always used Quadro on my personal laptops and rhino seems to work much better.

I would definitely recommend Quadro.

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Now that’s precise like circles in Sketchup. :wink:

From my previous research on various websites that benchmark cards, it seems that gaming cards can perform very well in comparison to workstation cards but is very dependent on the application. For instance, a GeForce Gtx card will perform equally or better to a Quadro in AutoCAD but it will perform poorly in Maya in comparison. Some cards have drivers that are best suited for certain programs. Can someone point us to some resources that indicate Rhino specific benchmarking on various cards?

Additionally, something to consider is rendering engines you might use may have better performance on workstation cards vs. consumer cards so it’s hard to pinpoint an exact answer for your needs. (Say, render in native Rhino vs Vray vs Maxwell for instance)

One used to be able to generalize that design representation and raytracing were two different creatures, but with GPU raytracing in programs like Maxwell, more rendering is done by the GPU than the CPU.

But while you are designing, a fast CPU will help because it’s not easy to multi-thread 1+1.

For design, I opt for fast single core performance on perhaps a quad, but for raytracing more cores are usually better–even of they are relegated to feeding the video card things to do.

If a video card works better for one application than the other, it’s because the marketing people crippled it so.

[I once did at least 40 hours of Maya tutorials before I realized I hated the program. It’s supposed to be a good animator, though. As long as I don’t have to use it.]

Also, i’m assuming everyone has read this: http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/rhino5videocards and this: Holomark 2 Released!

I have had a few cards over the last couple of years but
the best card I have found is the NVIDIA GTX 980 - zero issues
Neon Brazil Vray and large 500mb files- they do like a bigger power supply than recommended

I hope I havent jinxed myself now!

The video card page is gettin’ a little stale ain’t it?

If you look at the Holomark 2 release post, you would find GTX 1070 got beaten by GTX 980 and most Quadro cards for GPU score. I guess gaming benchmark is a somehow different from how Rhino uses the GPU.

The one year old $500 GTX-980 and the new $350 GTX-1070 is a video card are in a different price class, so if the high end card wins out then, it’s not such a miracle to me.

If you are looking at the same tests, you may notice that the processor clock rate for systems are:
GTX-1070: 2.67Ghz
GTX-1080: 4 Ghz

These are the CPU Scores:
GTX 980: 21321
GTX 1070: 10957

I would guess that the GTX 1070 machine is CPU-bound. And for the buck, Quad gaming chips such as 6700k still rock.

I don’t know why, but Iget ok scores on my 1070.

AA plays a difference as you can see, but I get close to 20k at 8xAA on that “old” xeon cpu.

@Halo and @qaz123:
I updated a screenshot including two test-runs with Halo’s GTX 1070 (NoAA & 8xAA)

// Rolf

I’m a bit late…

I’ve bought this GPU few weeks ago, and I can confirm that about now it’s not fully compatible with Rhino 5.
The card carries 8GB of DDR5 RAM but Rhino only recognizes 4GB.

I’ve made the full transition to Rhino a couple of months ago, but this is very disappointing. I don’t wanna go back to 3ds Max, Revit and AutoCAD. I love Rhino and I’m really hoping this gets a fix.

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Before you give up on that card, download and try the V6 WIP.

Any better performance?

I wanted to try that. I need to finish few projects first and than I will try it out.

What will happen if I go with V6?
From what I’ve read, it pretty stable and my existing plugins will work with it (VisualARQ and LandsDesign).

It is stable, but no V5 plug-ins will work with it.
Once the SDK is frozen, then plug-in developers can work on their plug-ins.

The V6 WIP installs as a separate application and does not effect V5.

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Oh, so It’s basically not usable (for me).

Nevertheless, I will try it in the following week and see if it fully supports my GPU. I really hope it does.
Will report back.

Thank you!

That doesn’t mean anything.

If you read the following posts in that thread, you will also read that the Rhino 6 WIP apparently finds better system information somewhere.

But that’s just about reporting a number. That’s not about fully supporting or not.

That said, the Rhino 6 WIP will make use of more modern OpenGL features that newer GPUs provide and also has a completely revamped display system. This does mean that the next version of Rhino more fully supports your card.

I have a similar card, even lower:

Rhino V5 runs very well using this GPU.
I could not feel a difference to the 1080.

Yes, V5 reports the wrong memory size.
Which doesn’t matter, it is just (wrong) info.

What kind of problems do you have with the 1070?


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