Help with Video Card, Geforce GTX vs. Quadro

Hey everyone, I am building my first PC and i could definitely use some help selecting a video card. The computer will be used solely for Rhino, Grasshopper, and either Flamingo or Brazil. I dont want to break the bank so i was going to get a Geforce GTX 970 , but from everything im reading people say to go with a Quadro k2000 instead. Can anyone help me out here? Again i am new to all this so any information, recommendations, or opinions would be awesome. Thanks!

I wish I had your bank. go with the 970!

Go here:

I know the GTX 970 is really good for gaming, how does this translate to rhino and grasshopper use? Will it be worse than other cards? Better? i guess i don’t understand how gaming and rhino/grasshopper use are related

I’m using the Quadro 2000K at work & GTX 770 4gb at home, on both using Rhino and some more Rendering Apps,
Both are great.
Quadro is being used mostly for the professional market with apps that specifically demand a Quadro card,
The GTX Cards designed Mostly for the Gaming & 3D apps market & are more variable with the’r uses.
With Rhino I’d stick to the GTX.
Here’s the thread,


Thanks for the post G, you gave me all the answers i was looking for much appreciated! I will be going with the GTX 970

Hey man…
I was about to change my GTX 780M for the QUADRO K3100M… I fact i still waint for the price from the shop where i bought my new CLEVO Machine. Also to do Heavy Architecture Works. But i have to say. Since Nvidia stucked OPEN GL from last GTX 280 / GTX 480 / GTX 580, now if you buy a GTX (Gaming card you will be able to Working but with some minor issues on VIEWPORTS ROTATES, somehow a bit slow,…

GTX are made to achieve FPS in most recently games. And for that i am saying DIRECTX only. GTX are able to read and process OPENCL + OPENGL, but it is not the same as new QUADROS or FIREPROS Cards.

Nvidia`s divided their graphics hardware because they are losing money from not to sell a good quantity of PROFESSIONAL CARDS, since in the past, all GT and GTX cards perform MUCH better then QUADROS because of their OPENGL quality. (you can search for in on google and see for your self)

The other think is, in fact GTX or GT nvidia cards are more versatile, because you will not work only on a specific software, like SOLIDWORKS or other that specially recommend QUADROS. Probably you will work in PHOTOSHOP, Illustrator, go for some game to chill out times, or have some NEW RENDERING CUDA ENGIN (like ARION, FLURRYBALL, THEA RENDER, OCTANE - that are design specially for GTX CUDA cards) - so in this matter you will defenetly benefit from a GTX card.

But when it comes to use all kind of SOFTWARES that requires OPENGL (Like Rhino, Sketchup, Archicad, Revit, etc, etc… you will be able to work but you get better performance and accuracy due to the FLOATING POINT PRECISION that QUADROS have and GTX do not. And meaning FLOATING POINT it is somehow every time you work under POLAR COORDINATES (x,y,z)… GAMER CARDS are not so powerful in this fields.

The other think is… In the days present, everyone u works under Architecture Softwares probably go need some external LCD screen (due to low and accessible prices in the market)… and after 48 - 72 - all week have your machine turn on and progressively working under VIEWPORTS STRESS you will notice what i am try to explain.

Despite all what i am explain, and sorry for some bad translate (english is not native language)… You will be happy with you new GTX 970M (despite its only 190bits) (and for intense working, shaders, textures, shadows, it is recommended 256bit and more)

(see this example) (MONSTER is REFERRED to a WorkStations Machines)

Go look in:


Good loock, and coma back later to post some results with your machine.

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Hello All,
After reading this, I ordered and installed a new PNY GTX970 card with the latest driver Version 347.09 (as of Dec 31, 2014) on my Dell T5600 workstation. I don’t know what it is going on because it does not like Rhino V5. Every time after a few minutes in Rhino environment, the graphic cards stops sending signals to the screen and completely blanks the screen. A cold reboot seems to be the only way to wake up the new card. Has anyone experienced this and how did you fix the problem? The old Quadro 2000 card I had didn’t have this problem, other than it was much slower. I mainly work with laser point cloud data sets. Any suggestions? Thank you for reading this.

PS. Also posted here - Trouble with GeForce GTX 970 Graphics Card?

Happy New Year !

GTX Is good for all purpose but quardro is used for bussiness purpose

Sounds like a faulty card, just return it.
the 970 likes Rhino very much. (I have one and use it every day)
BUT know that quadros are developed with reliability in mind, the drivers are more stable and they are clocked slower to withstand 100% load over longer periods of time. Quadros are also faster than GeForce with really large meshes (4 million polygons etc)

This info is from 5 years ago. Is it still true that GeForce is better than Quadro on Rhino 6/7?

At home i work with a GTX 780M connected a 2 DELL FHD monitors with my Clevo Laptop.
Its been a breeze. Although i have to say if you do complex mesh, moving, rotate and so, viewport gets slow as file get bigger and more objects inside viewport. Other workflow then tat its been cool and stable.
I have testing Rhino 6 with this configs, and it feel Rhino 6 is more slow then Rhino5. Perhaps is more prepared for new actual hardware then mine.
I can argue that some one inside Mcneel forum, as reported that RTX Quadro 4000 handle large complex files smootly. I have compared that file with my office hardware that is 200% more powerful than my laptop.