Hardware Components - CPU/GPU

Hi all,

back again with some questions regarding the choice of CPU and GPU.

I was told to aim for the best CPU in my price range which would be the 5900x. Wanted just to ask you if there is a considerable difference for Rhino+Vray usage in going for a €250(currently €167) more expensive one (actually current prices are 5900x - €723(msrp: €550), 5950x - €890(msrp: €800)), considering that this build will be used for a Master’s graduation project as well as later usage for personal projects, since I feel I’ll be given a PC/Laptop when employed at an architecture firm.
Or would a 5800x at €429, which is actually under it’s msrp, be the best “value”?

Furthermore it’s been a pain to get a RTX 30XX GPU for a reasonable price (not looking at you, scalpers).
Is it possible to even run Rhino+V-Ray with no GPU until I get my hands on one of the RTX 30XX (Looking actually at the 3070 or 3060ti)
Would also be interested in your opinion on how to distribute the funds between CPU and GPU? Go for a 3060ti + 5950x or a 3070 + 5900x or 3080+5800x combo?

Looking forward to all your answers and thankful and grateful for taking the time to help/advice me.

Regarding the CPU the 5900x singlecore is just a tad faster, so it all depends on if you need more cores for rendering (or other heave multicore tasks)

For modelling where single core is imortant the 11700k is about 10% faster and cheaper.

With ryzen you cant use the PC without an GPU, it does not have a inside graphics

But Ryzen 9 5950 Is the best cpu on the market right now. Intel lost this generation. I9 with 8 cores and 16 threads :frowning:

Well right today it’s not a matter of what’s “best,” it’s a matter of what you can actually buy, and that will be the case for probably the rest of the year. On the weekend I sold two of my 1080ti’s for an absurd amount of money(for a product that was released 4 years ago!) that turned out to be enough to upgrade to a Ryzen CPU and motherboard. I wasn’t really planning to do that, I wasn’t even up-to-date on which Ryzens I should be looking at, didn’t really like the motherboard options at all, it was just Hey there’s actual product on the shelf I’d better get it now.

For multicore yes, but for singlecore Intel still has a lead in some areas, and that affects FPS in many cad apps too. So it depends on what your needs (and budget) are for the cpu, both now and in the future.

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My Intel 9980XE has 18 cores and 36 threads. It enables parallel execution of my high-performance C++ code, typically providing over a 10X speedup with all cores running at 4 GHz. Not sure AMD can beat this.


Well, not that it really matters that much since you can’t actually buy anything and they’re all fairly close, but fact is right now AMD beats Intel on EVERY level from desktop to datacenter, it’s kind of embarrassing, desperately trying to be seen even attempting to keep up with AMD is the only reason that chip exists.