NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M (2 GB)

Just a shout out for information please .
Anybody using or experience with running Rhino on this Graphics card : NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M 2 GB . Thanks in advance .

There are some good threads on Geforce cards on the forum here:

And here is more testng information:


I hope that helps.

I have it in an HP laptop. Works fine for me with Rhino, though I probably don’t have as complex models as some.

Hi. I would keep in mind that the mobile GPU’s do not perform the same as their same numbered Desktop GPUs.
eg. A 760M has about half the GPU performance of a GTX660 and even less compared to a GTX760.
So a 740M GPU can be expected to perform about the same as a GTX630 Desktop GPU.
The 2Gig of Ram is good for loading huge game or viewport textures, or running multiple screens. Michael VS