GPU mobile for RHINO? - QUADRO K3100M or GTX 780M

HELLO there!

a Portuguese speaking…

I wondering if anyone out there could help me to decide, urgently, what GPU + CPU + RAM should I choose for a new mobile machine configuration.

I have about 2000 euros to spend.
I need a good, fast, reliable performance, without any issues or bugs, to work on this kind of softwares (CUDA + OPENGL + WIREFRAMES + SHADERS + SHADOWS + HIDE LINES + 2D + 3D, etc, etc



ps: I am really not a gamer. Just need a good machine to work without problems, issues or bugs. Smooth and fast presentation in viewport, complex 3D with much edges, intersections and complex surfaces; and many layers in Photoshop, plus high resolution files, and big contest presentation panels.

Which of these 2 GPU`s are best for the work?

QUADRO K3100M or GTX 780M?

I need help on this, because, the GTX series 7 is almost at the end of STOCK. So I have to decide quickly if I gone chose GTX.

I will be greatfull to those u help me to choose for on this investment

Today, I would choose the GTX. I’m running a GTX 750M myself. Quadro drivers are pretty screwed up right now:

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hello John Brock.

First off all… I have to thank you for your reply. THANKS A LOT.

How about the workflow with your GPU GTX 750M… Do you work nice, smooth, fast and without bugs, in that kind of softwares?


Nice, smooth, without bugs? Nothing with computer graphics is ever like that.
I’m running a 27" touch screen and a second 24" monitor on an HDMI cable from the GF 750M. I have very few problems with it. Mostly I’m just running Chrome and other desktop productivity tools, but obviously I run Rhino as well. When doing technical support and testing, I do open some large files and problem files. I think the performance it good. but I’m not in a production environment either.
Video drivers are always problematic. For years, we recommended the Quadro cards because they are intended for OpenGL graphics. About a year ago, we started seeing problems with the Quadro drivers for Rhino. Rhino uses OpenGL 2.0 and Shader 1.2. Those are fairly old specifications and our guess is Nvidia isn’t doing a good job of supporting the older specifications anymore.
The AMD cards intended for OpenGL are the FirePro cards They are pretty good, a lot less expensive, but the antiailiasing doesn’t seem as good. This is important for some people and doesn’t matter so much for others.
No matter what you buy, you can count on have little glitches and problems from time to time. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Yup, I agree! :smiley:

Fun aside, take a look at the bottom of this thread:
I just added the preliminary Holomark 2 Beta scores and color ranked the scores so it is easier to see how the system performs and compares.

i run 2 machines for rhino, both with gtx graphics cards, and rarely have any issues. If you aren’t doing heavy rendering the quadro cards aren’t really worth the additional cost.

For what you want to do I would recommend a core i5 or i7 w/ 16gbram. If AA is important to you,or you want to work on large files consider an sli configuration.

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Thanks to all of you…

I just bought a CLEVO P150SM mobile workstation, from a nice end stock promotion, yesterday.

i7 4900MQ - 2,4Ghz
Nvidia GTX 780M
16Gb Ram
Windows 7 Profissional x64

I hope this machine handle my complex, many layer, work that I have to finish urgently.

Further I think I will buy some nice external screen, to maximize workflow

That will be a very good rhino machine, enjoy!

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This is not entirely correct:

[quote=“asbeastos, post:7, topic:7761”]
If you aren’t doing heavy rendering the quadro cards aren’t really worth the additional cost.[/quote]

Many render engines still don’t use the graphiccards. AND most developers of GPU accelerated render apps use the 780 or the Titan (in SLI) since the Quadros have fewer cores than the equivalent GeForce cards, so they are less bang for the buck.

As far as I know Rhino does not support SLI, so adding more cards will not give you more speed, it might give you faster AA, that I do not know.

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Good to know on the quadro/gtx thing, what is the quadro series even for then?

As for sli, both my machines are sli gtx cards, our other work machine is a single gtx. there is a discernable difference in frame rate on the sli machines particularly when using AA, transparency, enhanced lighting, etc. And/or working with large files (our typical models have hundreds of solid objects and surfaces).

While rhino may not support sli, that doesn’t prevent the cards from operating in tandem.

Thanks again for all your concern and replies.

As I told before, I already bought a GTX780M… I am waiting for the machine come to my home.

As I said, I had to decide quickly for that GPU. I hope that it will be really fine for my work. Because I am a kind of desperate to finish this complex work file.

Thanks… I will post some about this GPU on my configuration machine.

Best regards.


i7 quad core 4710MQ 2,5Ghz - 3,5Ghz (Turbo)
16 GB Ram GSkills Ripjaws 1600Mhz CL9
GTX 780M
SSD Samsung 840 Pro 256Gb

I am testing my Rhino file, with a lots of EDGES + SHADER + SHADOWS, and GTX 780M seems to not handle very good, specially in workflow…

3D rotate are very fast, but I noticed a little slowing in workflow…

Is this normal for this GPU?

I have all updates install, plus all updates of Windows to.

when I meant workflow I want to say smooth.


intel i7 4710MQ 2,5 - 3,5Ghz 6mb cache

GTX 780M 4Gb GDDR5

16 Gb RAM G. Skills 1600Mhz CL9

256Gb SSD Samsung 840 PRO

BENCHMARK SPECviewperf 12 + SPECwpc v1.0