Manipulating Mesh surrounded by NURBS surface

I have a human phantom which contains Mesh leg bones surrounded by two concentric NURBS surfaces representing both muscle and fat. I am trying to put the phantom into a kneeling position below is my attempt:

I am wondering if there is a way to either tether the NURBS surface to the Mesh bone (in other words find the distance for each control point normal to the Mesh bone before manipulating the Mesh and then recreated the NURBS surfaces post Mesh manipulation with the same distance). Basically I want the NURBS surfaces to not overlap with each other and cover the entire bone and vessel structure without manually manipulating every single control point. Thank you in advance for any response!

Hello - it may be that CageEdit using a polyline that represents the bones as the control object can do this but it may take some experimentation. I can imagine the knee might need one or two extra segments in the polyline to avoid a fold - but I also think it might be a tricky business to get it to all deform in a ‘natural’ way.


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Some overlap in the knee area wouldn’t be a big deal. My end goal is to make a script that automates this procedure, I can provide my attempt if you think it would help.

Hello - can you save the part you’re working on to a new file, (looks like the whole project might be complex) and post it here (public) or send to to my attention, with a link back to this topic?


I just emailed it. Thank you!