Creating Smooth Surfaces from Multiple Polysurfaces

Hey guys, so within Maya I modeled a mesh object, subdivided the polygon, then converted it into a NURBS surface. When importing into Rhino, this object is made of 55 different surfaces and I was wonder what the best way of smoothly merging the surfaces together to have, ideally, three main surfaces; top, middle, and bottom.
I tried MergeSrf but it says that the edge is too far, but I think this error is more due to the fact that it may be a trimmed surface. What would the best procedure for going about this be?
I could also import the model as its mesh if it is easier to start with that, but the end goal is to have a NURBS model. Subdiv NURBS Midsole.3dm (1.0 MB)

Hello - if you arrange the patches with this goal in mind, you may be able to get something useful - in your file it is possible to split out the sides and merge them

but the complexity at the ends makes that impossible elsewhere


I see. If I were to import a mesh of that object, is there a method of using that as a framework to model a NURBS object? To clarify, I’m not saying to reverse engineer the mesh to a nurbs, but am wondering the best procedure of using the mesh’s boundary’s as a template to reconstruct a new nurbs-based mode.

Hello - if the subd shape is what you want, I’d work from that - split and merge what you can as I did - splitting with isocurves and End and Knot snaps will find the right locations for the parts that eventually can be merged. (You’ll want ShrinkTrimmedSrf as well before MergeSrf) - that way you will have exactly what you want for at least part of the shoe, then use the rest as reference for creating new surfaces. You can probably merge at least some of that as well.


Hey, I’ve been getting the hang of the splitting and merging. I created a new back piece using NetworkSrf then merged it to the rest of the side.

  1. Once merged, the isocurves become morphed at the edge
  2. Is there a better tool than rebuild to clean up the surface/is there a technique to minimizing rebuild deviation besides trial and error?
  3. Why can’t I remove the edge (in the last photo I attached) if it is now one open surface?
    Surface Midsole.3dm (13.4 MB)