Nurbs Liquor

no problem those were mere suggestions to improve the quality.


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wow- stunning!! which render engine?


Thanks Kyle. Currently I use either Cycles or Bella. This one was done on Bella.


love it- really beautiful work.

Both Bella and @jdhill are awesome, glad to see folks using it!


Nicely done!

I for one agree with you. The crystal glass has a strange look in the outlined part and doesn’t look polished enough somehow like the upper and lower part. The cap material to me also looks like those faux metal caps you get on bottles of Absolut. Why not make it the same material as the bottle holder?

That is the “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” equivalent of feedback to constructive criticism.

Other than that I think it looks great.

Thanks for the criticism but it was unsolicited from both of you. If I need criticism, I always make sure the post clearly says “WIP” or “critiques”.

As an artist I have found out there are ALWAYS people unhappy even by great works. So, if I present an art in it’s final form, I don’t care if some of you don’t like it. I only make art that pleases me and the audience of my choice. I am a selfish artist.

Yes, I know it was unsolicited, but you are posting this to a public forum in a Gallery. Things that get put in a gallery will get critical review.

We are not here giving you feedback because we are “unhappy”, but we are trying to be productive and give feedback on how to improve things. That is what you do in design - constructive criticism. If you take offence at that and think nobody should question your pieces of art, then so be it. It will make you neither a better designer, nor a better artist though.


Sure, nothing stops you from being rude by ignoring that the author never asked your opinion for a finished work in a public forum. Also to claim you are “improving” someone’s work implies a hidden sense of superiority; it’s shear condescending arrogance justifying it to yourself as benevolence.

PS. You are actually hitting a nerve by your persistence. Let it go.

people were clearly being careful giving some ideas or lets say personal opinions. we should enjoy working together and if you dont like suggestions arguing is perfectly fine, blaming everybody for even trying is not.


All here-

Please remember,

this post, like the rest of our forum, is a civil conversation. Any non civil discussion or comments will get removed. (this isn’t reddit, if you want to keyboard fight, go there please)

Work that is offered up for critique will be stated as so. If the artist hasn’t asked for Crit, please keep it to yourself, enjoy the work and please move on. We as artists get beat on enough on a daily basis, we don’t need more of that here.

unhelpful/ unproductive comments will be removed.


I am sorry, but your comment makes no sense. People commenting “love it”, “great work”, “nicely done” is personal opinion, aka criticism, just positive.

The artist did not request for any of those. If the work is not offered for critique, comments should then be disabled.

You are allowing only positive critique, which is totally wrong. Allow both or none.


I respectfully and wholeheartedly disagree.

Appreciating work and thanking someone for sharing is totally different than unsolicited “advice” or arguing with the artist about their intent or quality of their own work.

We are not their client, We are not their boss. We are peers, and ideally members of a community that exists to build each other up.

If we like something, feel free to say so.

If we don’t please keep it to yourself and scroll on.

If they ask for help or advice, have at it. If not…we should respect that.

I am not going to discuss this further here, as it’s completely hijacking the thread and that is not cool.


Okay only positive feedback then.

Love it, good job! :heart_eyes: :zipper_mouth_face:

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Yes, you can go ahead and disable all comments. The only reason I post these is for the portfolio feature.

The definition of “critique” is a reasoned negative evaluation or disapproval. (There is no positive version). Also, the concept is not difficult. If it’s not asking for critique, the work is final and you can move on.

Otherwise you assert the artist was not smart enough to detect your perceived flaws in his final version and that’s always problematic, because then you can also be critiqued back in that we don’t know if you are smart enough to know what good looks like in the first place because your sense of realism needs improvement (for your own good), but you’d consider that critique rude and uncalled for and goes downhill from there.

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Uh no. No definition says so, check again.
Criticism doesn’t necessarily mean negative judgement, although it is commonly understood to be so, this is due to frequent usage.

“Crticism” is the act of passing judgement as to the merits of anything. This means that it could mean that the thing could have good merits, or poor merits.

Amazing to me you are not familiar with the term ‘positive criticism’.
Book, restaurant, theater and fashion critics are known to sometimes praise work that they evaluate.

Sure, but I found many threads, including your own, where you were met with criticism and did not react this way? So… you are incoherent to say the least.

For example this thread, on which a McNeel employee asks for the opinion of another user regarding your work and said user gives his opinion. Now, why didn’t you complain back then? And why wasn’t that comment deleted @theoutside ?

With that logic no critique would be possible. One of the first things taught at school is that feedback is not to be taken personally. No one is insulting your intelligence or calling you dumb or “not smart enough”.

Also, if 3 people (me included) agree on the same view regarding your work, then you might want to at least consider their appreciations? Or are you inferring that your final work is perfect, and so, anyone that does not see it that way is not smart enough?

So by having such an extreme stance you are actually insulting everyone that does not agree with your “sense of realism”.

No piece of final work is perfect. Thus, no one, is smart enough. Deal with it.

Edit: And honestly, I don’t care whether you ask for my opinion or not. This is a public forum and I will give it whenever I want. You don’t get to censor me just because you are the author of the thread or the author of the work. Don’t like it? Don’t post. Simple concept no?

It should not be me moving along and not posting my opinion. It should be YOU, as an artist, getting used to moving along and ignoring opinions you don’t agree with.

Lastly, there is a BIG difference between negative criticism and constructive criticism. No one was trying to be destructive here, quite the contrary. The fact that you still manage to take offense baffles me.

People should refrain from posting destructive criticism. Not constructive.


You are confusing criticism with “feedback”.

Even on this thread I give people some leniency at the beginning. If it persists it hits a nerve.

Yes, it IS possible when the artist is open for it and the post is labeled as [WIP], or [Feedback]

Mob style echo bubbles are irrelevant. Art is not a mob-rule style democracy.

If you are insensitive enough to social norms of decorum when it wasn’t asked for, then by your logic uninvited counter-criticism on you is also game.

My work is only open to critique from a pre-vetted group of trusted peers. Your opinion is only as valuable as you gallery, in this case it has zero value. If you had a gallery and it was crap to my taste your opinion would have negative value and you wouldn’t be fit to judge my work even when asked for. My work, my rules.

You think people should have thick skin in forums is code-word for you to be rude without social repercussions. Goes the same on you.

Now you can exit my thread. Criticisms rejected.

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This thread is veering off quite far. I’ll be locking this. Feel free to discuss the ins and outs of criticism in #meta .