Number of points

Hello friends
Why the number of points has shifted after offset. (27.0 KB)

Not the number of points has shifted but the order…

Don’t know why that happens. (28.7 KB)

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Hi @Mahdiyar and @HS_Kim
How can I draw the corresponding polyline on the new points? (67.8 KB) (74.9 KB)

So back to the question: why does the point order shift / change after a surface offset?

Well, this is not related to the offset itself, it’s when you connect directly from surface to curve. This worked perfectly until Rhino 5.
I reported this behaviour since Rhino 6 …

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I wanted the corner points to move towards the average points obtained. (73.6 KB)

The offset surface change the order of the points

You can use closest point to fix this

Yes, the question is why or what is the rule behind.
Is the point order always CCW at new creation, on base of which plane, etc.

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This also happened when project points on surface. (or polylines i don’t remember).

This makes even less sense to me since they are projected in a loop one after the other.

Also the polyline class inherits from Point3d,shouldn’t make any difference to a Point.

Well, don’t ask me why, but I think the input surfaces are corrupt, check the @Mahdiyar rebuild and all work fine.
I thought it was related to this issue, what do you think about this? @Baris @seghierkhaled

We can’t always rebuild surfaces like non planar.

Of course, this is why most “bugs” are fixed by going back a step and seeing how those corrupted surfaces were generated.