[BUG Report] - Offset & Loft, Incorrect Numbering

Hello, I would like to report a possible bug, it mainly concerns the Grasshopper component “Offset Curve”.

The problem is present in Rhino 8.5. It did not appear in Rhino 8.4 or Rhino 7.

Screenshot: Nr.1: Grasshopper
The problem with the “Offset Curve” is that the corner points are not numbered identically, which subsequently leads to an error in the loft.

Screenshot: Nr.2: The Preview with the Numbers

Screenshot: Nr.3:
If i use the Component “Offset Curve Loose” i dont have the number Problem.

The Loft Options is “Straight”.

Thanks for your time.

Offset_BUG.gh (11.2 KB)

Here is the Script Version Rhino 8.5

I testet the Comment “_offset” in Rhino not Grasshopper.
There i see the same Problem, but not for each “Offset Distance”.
Maybe, the Problem apperead only if the Distance is larger then “X”

In the Picture we dont see the Problem with an Offset to the inside with the Distance 0,20m
But we see it to every Distance to the Outside, and all others to the inside.

Screenshot: Nr.4:
-Red line is Original

Screenshot: Nr.5:
Here we see the Problem appering in another Test at 1.5m to the inside, but not at 2m to the inside.
But at all Distances to the outside.

The problem does not appear at offsets to Z planes.


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This looks like the same issue as RH-81253. It will be fixed in 8.7

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Testet at (Version 8.8.24), now working.

Thank you !

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