GH in Rhino 7: offset curve component does something strange

Hi everyone,
I have just upgraded from Rh_6 to Rh_7, and I have noticed a weird behavior while opening the very same GH definition and Rhino file on the two different versions

on Rhino 6, the result of the offset of a list of circles (circles made as arcs with 360° degrees angle) is the following:

if I save both the Rhino_6 and Grasshopper file and I open them on Rhino_7 (exactly the very same files) some curves get lost, others are shown in the output but not on the screen:

I have found out that specifying whatever type of offset-corner which is not “none” makes the component work correctly again (I mean: in this particular case…)

does it happen also on your machines or am I missing something big?
here is the file if you want to test it:
Offset (15.3 KB)