Nudge for only has mm setting not degrees

I wish to nudge a rotate but see no way of doing so.


I’m not aware of “nudging” a rotation with keys. I just type in the amount of rotation I want into the Rotate command, such as 0.1 degree. To repeat I use the right mouse key.

Try BoxEdit for this.


I see I have asked of this, I need subtle nudge on rotate.

suggested use BoxEdit. I visit BoxEdit and I am bewildered by all the entry options.

I simply having, selected my pivot point in Ortho view Right, wish to nudge rotate using combinations of shift ctrl and arrow keys the selected item around the chosen rotation point and watch my dimensions change.

Surely we need something simple, another three nudge entry windows under those for mm but with deg.

I could have nudge key 0.5 deg
Ctrl nudge 0.1 deg
Shift nudge 0.05 deg

simple !

Bewildered by all the entries I need to make in BoxEdit, maybe if its better then we dispose of nudge settings and use BoxEdit for mm nudge.

I shall try for RMB method meantime but need the toggling variances of ctrl and shift as in mm nudging.

…ok…Tried RMB method, however each rotation requires choosing the centre again, and thats not easy with what I am doing.


This is rather easy to do with a macro and, I would say, even easier and more dynamic with Grasshopper.

I don’t see a rush of requests for this and last time you needed it was a year ago. Instead of requesting specialty tools with documentation (both written and maintained in the help file, and, no doubt, video tutorials), I would suggest to learn how to use what is available.