Nudge options

Nudge is convenient way to move control points. There are two basic nudge options: use Alt key or not. If you hold Ctrl key, Alt key, and arrow key, you will get big surprise: Windows 10 operating system will either rotate entire display by 90 degrees, or it will flip it.
Kyle Houchens and I do not use the Alt key because it is clunky. I suggest that Alt key is removed from the nudge options.
I use the following nudge steps: arrow = 0.01; Ctrl+arrow = 0.033; Shift+arrow = 0.1

My Windows 10 doesn’t do that.
I suspect you’re running an Intel graphics chip and their driver is responsible for the shenannigans.

Alt + Arrow
Alt + Ctrl + Arrow
Alt + Shift + Arrow

I don’t know if any non-beginner uses the ALT key option, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it, the reason given for why it’s the default is that it’s less harmful to accidentally hit an arrow key and spin the view than to accidentally move something without realizing it. Is that a good enough reason to have this used-all-the-time feature hampered out of the box? I dunno.

I have maybe a half dozen macros to set different nudging steps for varying scales of projects and units, commands(which I could certainly imagine scripting) to simply scale the numbers by an order of magnitude would not be a bad idea.

I dunno either - actually I do know, for me it’s not a good enough reason… One of the first things I had my students do to set up Rhino on the first class day was to change this setting.

Yes, might be interesting to have a “scale factor” setting or something…

BTW, for metric, the default values never made sense to me, I have them set at even orders of magnitude - 0.01, 0.1, 1.0


I use Rhino 5.0 commercial version (2017-05-22, 64-bit), Bongo 2.0 (2017-3-31), Flamingo nXt 5 (2017-2-26), PowerDirector 15 Ultra, Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) operating system, ThinkPad W530 laptop computer with Intel Core i7 3920XM processor, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Quadro K2000M graphics card, (NVIDIA driver 377.61, 2017.9.25) 15,6 inch LCD (1920x1080).

It does appear to be a Windows 10 “feature”


On second look, it is perhaps a display driver shortcut, and, perhaps it’s possible to disable it through the driver control panel itself…


Good catch Mitch!

There are better ways to solve this problem: for example, warning message temporarily replacing the cursor when nudge is used.

Please, no…

I’m with Mitch on this one. The default Nudge key setting requires Alt. A user can go in and change it if they want to.
Arrow keys get bumped all the time.
Alt + Arrow is nearly impossible to hit accidentally.

Why not?

I have found perfect solution:

Sorry, I thought everyone knew about that option setting.
I think it’s been in Rhino since the beginning.
But having it set to that “by default” is what we are strongly against.
If a user want’s to change it, go for it.

Just don’t fuss when things get moved without you being aware of it…

Because I don’t want warning messages popping up dozens or hundreds of times a day as I use the Nudge tool…

@John_Brock Sorry, I think either I wasn’t clear or you mis-read my post, I am not advocating keeping the Alt+Arrow as the default, but exactly the opposite.

Yes, this is the reason we are always given… The argument that Rhino must protect the user at all costs from geometry getting moved accidentally doesn’t actually hold water. If you want to be consistent on that, you would for example also have to by default prevent objects from being dragged accidentally. This is an feature which has been asked for in the past many times, but consistently refused to add as a user-set option. I have seen far more instances of objects being accidentally dragged than nudged, especially in this day and age when a bunch of people try to work with trackpads and not a mouse (dumb idea IMO, but whatever).

I would also be interested to see just what percentage of users these days actually use the arrow keys to manipulate the views… I’m willing to bet it’s pretty small.

If you really want to keep arrow keys locked off for nudging geometry, then just put a third setting in Options - “Do nothing” - and have that set as default. That way any user wanting to use the arrow keys for one or the other options will specifically have to go and set that up the way they want it.

But I don’t really expect this to happen, this is one of the settings that seems to fall under the category of “that’s the way it’s always been…”


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It should be the default, to be changed by the users (if they have any reason to change it - they have no reason to change it).

I’ve been doing tech support a long time so my perspective is totally skewed based on that.
Over the years, I have had a few users that were frustrated and angry because from their perspective their models were ruined because they had turned off the Alt key requirement for Nudge, had forgotten about it, and it was somehow my fault they had a mess on their hands.

I have also had a few people that couldn’t figure out how to use Nudge so I had to help them with the Alt key requirement. Not one of them had a messed up model.

Based on that alone, I remain in favor of leaving the Alt key requirement in the Nudge tool.

That said, I don’t have a great deal of sway with changing things like this in Rhino. You are welcome to beat the drum to change the default, out-of-the-box setting, but I will not be in your camp.