Hotkey Nudge Direction

hello everyone,

Is there a console command line to toggle the Nudge Direction between View, World, Cplane and UVN?

When I have to sculpt CVs I find the Nudge very usefull to speed the things up. I find the gumball/manipulator slowing me down a lot. The only problem is that sometime is comfortable to have World directions, other times View directions, everytime i have to open the option to do this and go trhought the dialog… ludicrous.

So is there anyway to hotkey the different directions?

well for the future you should really inegrate a system like the TransformCV in Alias and with each mouse button corresponding to each axes.

Thanks for any advise anyway.

Hi Sergio - use the ‘dash’ version of Options in a macro - the setting is fairly deep down there - for example

!  _-Options _ModelingAids _Nudge _Direction _CPlane _EnterEnd


thanks Pascal this is fantastic!

I do not understand where should I put the Dashes?
I can not make it work with the esclamation mark… works without and with dashes, but then the command does not get ended.

where can I find a manual where the syntax of command macros is explained?

You can download the Rhino Level 2 V5 Manual here:

It’s on page 15.

Thanks a lot guys… I got it know

Also look at the Help topic Rhino Scripting. It’s online here:

Is there a way you could use the Nudge Keys for the Control Polygon Drag Mode, also?

Hello - no, but it would be nice… I’ll get that on the list. One thing that would need to be resolved is how to handle the distance, exactly - currently with multiple control points selected, dragging from one along its control polygon moves the others proportionally along their control polygons. With Nudge there is no single base point to govern the movement of the others, so we’d have to sort out some other system or simply use the absolute distance, which might be fine.

You can make the nudges work in UVN now, in Options > Modeling aids > Nudge.



Absolute distance might not be so bad. Or could it use Drag Strength maybe? Or a ‘Control Polygon’ option in Nudge Direction?

Of course there is always MoveUVN too which should be useful in this case, maybe I’m asking for something that already exists really. The interface of UVN isn’t ideal mind - although perhaps this could be hotkeyed more by myself… but once you’ve moved something along the CP, it would have to be undo to go back, since the CP vectors would be different. If that makes sense, how I’ve explained it. (e.g. if you move U in CP one way, clicking the opposite arrow doesn’t take you back along same direction (unlike the drag mode).

EDIT - So this if I understand is what ‘Along Extensions’ does. So maybe there is some cleaning up that could be done on the wording for these, or an extra drag mode? Seems to be some crossover between the definition of CP / Extension.

Thanks for the reply though!

Sorry for the bump… how about Nudging with gumball direction? Just nudging some points on a 2D loft, and using gumball to Object, of a surface point, to move it normal to surface edge direction.

Nudging is helping me with a CageEdit, rather than dragging which I’m finding a bit more cumbersome. Using a lofted surface as a control object, to change the silhouette of a surface in top view.

For now, using DragStrength may help with fine tuning. I keep that open all the time.



Only thing against it is the more instantaneous result of nudge - with dragging, there are issues with not really being able to see the result so clearly. I’ll add screenshots tomorrow to explain.

For sure drag strength helps… I too always have it open now :slightly_smiling_face:

Jonathan Hutchinson

This is in V7/WIP, btw…


RH-53953 is fixed in the latest WIP