Nthere is a curve's control point to be handle tangent

how to drag the control point ( how to do it? ) of curve to make sure the curve is smooth and better tangent of the curve?
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Hi @imu2009

If the curve is already tangent, you can use EndBulge to adjust it. If not, first use Match - then EndBulge - to do it.

HTH, Jakob

Hi Cliffonde - to make two curves exactly tangent, make sure the end points are in the same place, of course, then set the next point on each curve so that these are all exactly in line with the common end points. To adjust the shape and not break tangency, move the second point on either curve exactly in line with the end point and the other second point - use Tab Direction lock or use DrageMode > ControlPolygon to help with this, or, as Normand mentioned, EndBulge. Use GCon to check continuity.


thanks Normand :slight_smile: I am apreciate it :slight_smile:

thanks Pascal :slight_smile: so apreciate it :slight_smile: both of you seniorita advice has delight my mind :slight_smile: salute :slight_smile: GBU :slight_smile: