Spline tangent to circle

I have sets of points each with a circle at the end. Is there some way to draw a curve through the points that ends tangent to the curve.

The desired end result is to trim the circle to an arc such that it forms a continuous curve.

I’ve tried the tangent snap but that appears not to create a tangent for a spline.

It works fine here:

Degree 3 to tangent.3dm (4.0 MB)

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I get a tangent snap:

But when I split the circle at the “tangent” point GCON says they are not tangent.

I’m seeing the same behavior.

Hello- for an existing curve, Move the end control point from its current location to an AlongLine snap combined with Tan, from the second control point to the tan point - any place on that line will do. Then drag to the Tan snap.


@miano, are you making a control point curve or an interpolated curve? If interpolated, I can imagine the result is not tangent - the Tan snap will set the point a line tangent from the last point, not make the curve tangent. InterpCrv has command line options for that however.

Interpolated. It appears that, if I do a polyline through the points and make the end tangent to the curve or to a control point curve, the end tangent is at the same location.

But then, the curve does not go through the points I need it to go through. I have yet to find any purpose for control point curve. I see used in videos doing free form drawing. But when trying to match plans, I cannot find a use for it.