MatchCurve more control

Looking for ways to make a match of curve with curvature, but
have a way to control the degree of that curvature.
Same for tangency.

Seems this is simple enough that It could be already implemented.
or is it?

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Hello - by this do you mean controls/handles like in EndBulge or BlendCurve, or more continuity options (G3,G4 ) or?


Yes. By this request I’d like to have handles like in BlendCurve.
More continuity option maybe also good(I’m not at that level user yet)

I guess all tool should have the option so that it is consistent through out the program.
Also, it would be nice to get a “initial recommended” point from Rhino if that exists. (I guess what you get if you just run the command the first time, so if you want to go back to it you can.)

Hello - you can do this in two stages now by using EndBulge after the match - does that help, for now?


Yep for now it’s good. Thanks!

Related a bit, is there a way to align points so that they become on the same line as each other(so to put things back to tangency when the middle point is a kink?)

So below middle point is a kink, and while moving things aroung
the tangency is lost.

I was just drawing a line then snapping the point back to the line so put the tangency back, but seemed a bit clumsy…
(the line it self is a closed curve.)

Hello - I have an ancient Rhinoscript that I use for this, just checked and it seems to work -

AlignGrips_01_29_18.rvb (2.3 KB)

Drag and drop from where ever you save the rvb file and it will add two aliases

AlignGrips (User sets a line with two points)
AlignGripsCrv (User chooses a target curve)

In both cases the grips are alignd by closest points to the target.


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How about a proper matching function and an actual matching analysis tool? This way those kind of problems wouldnt even exist.

Hello - can you explain what you mean? What problem, and what matching analysis?



The problem of harming a match while moving control points. With a matching analysis tool you can see if you still keep tangency or curvature continuity while you move your cps.

Hello - CurvatureGraph would be the analysis tool that I guess you are referring to, EndBulge provides the control point movement constraints that are required to maintain continuity… Does any of that get at what you’re suggesting?


Ha, now I get what you mean. My mistake…

What I meant was adding a matching analysis tool to the Rhino toolset, that gives feedback of actual numerical deviation of your match. The curvature graph cannot tell you if you lost tangency within a tolerance, just the tendency of your match. Furthermore a matching tool that can control span and order of the curves, and swap the matching sides. Add a blend function to the matching tool, to control cps that are not part of the match, to ensure good cp distribution. Those kind of tools would give you proper control over your curves. Maybe in a future release…

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By closest points, is the accuracy is within tolerance?