Noticed a work flow change in Rhino 7 when drawing a simple line

I recently changed from Rhino 6 to Rhino 7 and I noticed one small issue when drawing a simple line.

In Rhino 6 and older versions when I wanted to draw a simple line I would point to the starting point, then key in the distance ( example 1 for one inch ) and then move the pointer in the direction I wanted to draw the line and then just click the mouse button at any point in that direction and it would create the 1 inch line.

When I try this in version 7 it extends the line out to where ever my mouse pointer is located, and disregards the distance I keyed in.

Is this a known issue, or is an option that I need to change

Thank You,


Hi Kent -

This is a known issue and was fixed in the 7.5 Service Release Candidate. That fix was now also pushed to a 7.4 Hotfix which will be released on Monday sometime during office hours in Seattle.
If you need the fix today, just change your update frequency.

Great News… Thanks so much for the update…

Take Care…