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Good day everyone…
I’m using both Rhino 6 & 7.
In version 6, when i draw for axample a line, i start the line itself from somewhere, digit the lenght and the the direction.
In version 7, i need to use the “return” to validate the comand (similar to autocad). if not the line is going to be as long as the cursor position, also if i gave it a precise measure.
I’ve looked everywhere, but didn’t find the option to avoid it in rhino 7. (maybe is in front of me but cannot see it…)
Any suggestion?

Thanks In advance,
have a nice and productive day!


Hi Bruno - the difference compared to V6 is that in V7 you see a distance preview as you type numbers, - but you still need an to lock that number in as a distance constraint - as in V6. In V7 as well, you can twice to first, set the constraint and second, finish the line in the cursor direction, without the need to click.

Does that make sense with what you see?


Hi Pascal,
as always thanks for your disposability…
I’m not sure i was able to explain myself…
it is not a matter of preview; I notice that the fact changes also from my pc to a friend pc, both with rhino 7, so for this reason I though was a sort of option… In mine, happens that if i don’t click return (or mouse right click), after had chosen a starting point and a length, than the line (or the object) move till the point my cursor is. In rhino 6 and my friend Rhino 7, after I choose the lenght, that remain fixed and no need other clicks, you just have to chose the direction. It’s very…strange…
I will try to reinstall the program and see if something change in the next days.
Thanks anyway

Best Regards


Hi Bruno - what I think you are describing is fixed in the latest builds here.


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@pascal, maybe @Bruno_Gasparini had in mind the bug that was introduced with Rhino 7.4 several days ago, which affected the accuracy for moving, scaling, copying, and creating objects. Basically Rhino 7.4 will take into consideration the position of the mouse pointer and will completely ignore the user-set exact numerical input, thus it will build, move or scale the object with some random length.

@Bruno_Gasparini, if you uninstall Rhino 7.4 and then install Rhino 7.3, you will no longer see this bug. My advice is to stop using Rhino 7.4, because it consists the bug you described in your original post.

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Thanks for this. Cheers

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Hi Pascal, which is the last build? Last night I downloaded Rhino 7.4 (7.4.21047.11001, 2021-02-16) and unfortunately that bug is still present.

Hi -

The latest public build for Rhino 7 is the one that you are running now (7.4.21047). The fix for issue RH-62774 is in the Rhino 7.5 branch and is not yet available to the public.

I just checked the latest public build for Rhino 8 and the fix is in there. So, for the time being, using the WIP should help.


When will Rhino 7.5 be available for public downloading? Due to that bug I almost don’t use Rhino 7.4 in recent days, because it leads to errors with random distances.

Maybe it’s a good idea to download service releases at least one week after they have been published, because that way I will avoid dealing with known bugs in the future. Rhino 7.4 was my first download of a service candidate and will be the last one in my life, ha-ha. :smiley:



In my case, it is enough to give an enter (or mouse right click) after had digited the number…but it’s a pain (somewhere) …Really hate it. It break my fast way of drawing