Not working on the main display - popup dialogs

I think this was addressed before, but I cannot locate the thread.

I prefer to use Rhino on my secondary display, it is much more productive for me.
However, all the popup windows come up on the main windows display.

Is there a way to fix it so windows popup display on the monitor that Rhino is running?

Thank you,

popup windows means Floatingviewports?

Besides the problem you talked about, a lot more improvements need to be done.

You can search Floatingviewport in this forum.

No, I mean dialogs such us these:

I see. That’s the problem too :smile:


The first time you see the dialog on the wrong monitor, move it to where you want to see it. Rhino will remember this location and use it the next time you run the command.

Well, not exactly… SOME dialogs behave themselves and others don’t. From memory, notorious non-behavers are ShowEdges and the analysis dialogs, I will check again tomorrow at work to make sure I’m not imagining things. --Mitch

Most of mine behave but the Orca3d windows seem to insist on getting as far from my Rhino window as they can! I can move them into the Rhino window and they alway go to the far side of the other screen. I maybe should bump this to Orca as well.

If they don’t behave, it’s a bug. The developer forgot to put in the code that makes them remember.