I have two external monitors. I usually work with Rhino interface open in perspective viewport in first monitor and at the second external monitor i drag a «ToggleFloatingViewport» to fullscreen another viewport instance…
Windows 10 wont lock that «ToggleFloatingViewport» window on second screen monitor. It is very annoying work like this. Every step i made in command prompt that floating viewport window jump and disappear from screen.
Anyone noticed same like this?

Hello - I do not see this here - I can put a floater on a second screen and so far it just stays there if I interact with Rhino.


Hi Pascal.
Here with i7 7820K + MSI GTX 1080 on Windows 10 Pro + Rhino 5 SR14 x64 the problem keep on. It would be nice to show you a video of it, but i do not have a mechanism to do it. I will try to explain in other words…
…Its possible to float viewport window alone to second monitor. But when i start to work model on that floating viewport, some command prompts make that windows flashing and sometimes disappear. I need to click on first screen were i have Rhino interface open to get it back again. This is a strange behavior because i need to get back everytime to first screen.
I do not think this is a Driver bug. I have tested all drivers and this keep continuing.