Not being able to make2d from topview

Hello guys, I don’t know why i am not being able to make2d only on top view.

anyone knows whats happening?

You’re not providing much to go on. For starters, what version of Rhino are you running? (Version and Service Release).
Does it happen with any file or only a specific one? Do you get error messages? …

V6, it just dont start to process the 2d…

Is this with one specific file or any file? --Mitch

specific, 700mb+ file

OK, so it’s not a generalized problem then, it might have to do with bad elements in the file or something else… Have you tried SelBadObjects to see if anything shows up as bad?

Also, if you hide like half the elements and try again does it work? I might try to see if fewer objects works and/or somewhere in there one or more elements are causing the problem.

700+Mb is too big to upload here, but if you can’t find the problem,you can always upload the file to tech support via the McNeel website…