Make 2D perspective will not load

Hi, can anyone tell my why my MAKE2D is not working.
Here is my problem, I have made a subd model. I am able to MAKE2D from a top view that works fine, although when I try to make 2D from my perspective view it will not load. I have to go onto task manager and shut down rhino when I try make2d on perspective with my SubD.
These are the options I am choosing, and than this is what happens
my CPU is at 100% and I have to force shut my rhino when trying to MAKE2D in perspective.
I am not sure whether there are some settings I need to change etc.

Thanks for your time,

Appreciate it!!!

Hi Rupert -

Does this also happen with a simple 2x2x2 SubDBox?
If not, please post the 3dm file. If it does, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.