Feature Request Rhino 6 - Bezier curve

Hi all,

One thing i’d like to see in next version is the bezier curve with handle control, we can really control the curvature with a minimum points count.

this combined with history could be very powerful i think.

i posted a video to explain what i’m talking about, i do this in 3Dsmax.
it’s approxymately the same thing we can found in 2D program like illustrator, except that work in 3D.

What do you think about ?


See Bezier Video

Actually, Beziers are a special case of NURBS and do need more Control Points to generate the curve (add two per vertex for the handle positions).

You can draw Beziers by drawing a "HandleCurve"
You can convert the result to Bezier sections with “ConvertToBezier”

All Rhino might need is little better support for manipulating connected handles.

On a side note: you can even use the handle bar editor (HBar) to manipulate the “Curvature” at almost any place you like, not just the fixed “Bezier Points”-


Yes but, it’s not so handy to use compared at 3dsmax possibilities.
May be you right, a little better support for manipulating connected handles could do the trick.

I second that !
I am still totally perplexed by the way Rhino draws curves, that video is just what I have been used to in 2D graphics, its so intuitive, the handles allow exact control in seconds. I can draw a curve following a complex shape and return to the handles, see-saw (tangent through the point) is my favourite, and one can break the see-saw to get a sharp bend.

It takes me ten minutes to edit a curve I can do in seconds with those bezier handles as per the video.
In rhino even if I place the bezier handle points , when I return to the curve they are no longer available.

Rhino is 3D and to have what is a very useful bezier curve drawing method as per 2D Freehand seemed to be shunned, but if 3DsMax can do it, whats good for 3DSmax is or should be good for Rhino.

We can but hope and pray. I would pay double for v6 if it had those controls. curves editing in rhino just scares the life out of me. Good to know I am not the only one missing such intuitive tools.

How does one at least get the handles to show and perform after drawing a curve with HandleCurve ?
HBar shows them but they are ‘broken’, I need the ‘see-saw’ ones.