Nonlinear WIP example

Hi @karamba3d and the Team,

I am doing some verification example and would like to know is this the right way like mentioned in one the previous topics Initial deformed model for Non-Linear analysis
I am trying to use the eigenmodes to for nonlinear analysis with the certain scaling. Also, I see it converged but what exactly am I seeing in the blue panel? can I make a force-displacement diagram from displayed values?

I understand it is WIP still, I would like to get a little bit of clarification.
Thanks. (48.5 KB)

Dear @dyn,
thanks for your question! I just noticed that your definition causes version 3.0.7. of Karamba3D to crash.
I will try to solve that a.s.a.p.
The “Info”-output currently contains only information with respect to how the non-linear calculation converges (see here).
– Clemens