AnalyzeNonlin WIP and support question

I’m testing on a complex structure under a large load with will involve the AnalysisNonlin WIP.

  1. The doc here does not provide enough explanation for the different parameters. Is there anywhere else I can look into it?…

  1. When loading, some part of the structure starts to touch the ground (not touching when not loading). Is there a way to add a “plate support” or “support plate” so that those parts become supports during the computation?

  2. The deformation in “Model View” does not work for the “AnalyzeNonlin WIP”:

AnalyzeNonlin WIP


The deformation slider (or either activate that option) provides no effect on the result model.

Hi, are you able to share the definition? It is a bit hard to check anything just based on images.

The Analyse Nonlinear is still WIP and therefore there is not a complete guide to the component.
Currently is it not possible plate as a support during the computation. If you would like this a new feature, you can send us a feature request on Issues · karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds · GitHub (373.0 KB)

Here you go.
You may need to re-run the whole canvas once loaded.

Hello @xliotx,
sorry for the late reply.

ad 1. Currently (January 2022) the manual is the best source for information with regards to the geometric non-linear analysis-component in Karamba3D.

ad 2. At the moment Karamba3D does not include contact elements.

ad 3. The geometric non-linear analysis is still WIP and does not give converged results in some cases. In the example it seems like there are rigid-body modes in the structure which might cause the problem (there is a nearly zero eigenvalue resulting from the Eigenmodes-component). If I disable the ‘Setting’-component and use meter for geometric input the rigid body modes vanish and the non-linear calculation works (see here:
largeDef_Karamba - (357.6 KB)).