Initial deformed model for Non-Linear analysis

Dear experts,

Is there an easy way to apply an initial controlled deformation to the Non-Linear analysis component?

Note that I don´t refer to “Imperfection Load” (Karamba´s manual page 41), since this loads do not add directly to the beam displacements and they act indirectly and only in the presence of a normal force NII.

So far, I´ve plugged the Deformed Model from a previous linear buckling analysis, but it is difficult to control the maximum amplitude of the initial deformation. For example, I want to employ some maximum perturbation (e.g. 5 cm) while I optimise the model dimensions. Any recommendation to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

To whom it may concern, whenever… As a workaround I connected two Disassembly Model components, one to ModelView Model output and the other to defModel output. Then, I computed the distance between all the points (Disassembly Pt output) and got the maximum displacement. Finally, I introduced the appropriate scaling factor into ModelView R-Factors input and set Deformation slider to 1.

Hi @Vigardo,
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Hi @Vigardo,

having the same problem here. I am not sure I understood this. Is there any chance you could put a screenshot at least, if not the file where do you plug in the max. displacement computed like this?

Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry, I can’t… its a too old issue to find the file…

I’m sure that you will be able to follow the instructions of my last post if you try :slight_smile: