Nods for all corners

Hi, is there any chance to edit surface like a mesh? I have a surface and hole inside. I see nods on the outer edge, but there is no inside. What if I need to change a bit this hole? How to do it without conversion to mesh? Thanks.

Hi Alexey - try SolidPtOn
Keep in mind that editing a surface is not at all like a mesh so you move the solid points out of plane, for example, things could get ugly.


Pascal, I know the idea of mesh editing and I hate it. That’s why I’m livening 3DsMax and looking for a software to work like in Illustrator. As for now, the Rhino is most closely to what I’m looking for. But I’m trying to understand what the tools are here to imagine what can be done with my experience of using vector editing software. In Illustrator I can draw a big square and small square inside. Combine them to one single object and continue to edit any nodes of this figure. It’s extremely convenient. I’m glad you have the same ability here. Your advice with SolidPtOn is just what I’m looking for.

Let me ask another few question about continue editing of this example plane. Sorry if it obvious, I’m just trying to understand how to use my vector editing experience in Rhino. Here the question. I need to add some knots inside inner edge of plane. In illustrator with Pen tool I can add nodes in any part of the line. When I try to do it in Rhino I have some kind of slices but with no knots. Take a look the image bellow.

Hi Alexey - use SplitEdge for this. Also, by the way, you can make a PlanarSrf with History from say two nested rectangles and edit the curves or polylines, including InsertKnot, InsertControlPoint or InsertKink.


Ok, and the last question. How to easily convert this corner knot to bezier? When I try to work with splines here it’s like nightmare… In CorelDraw you can select the node and choose whether it’s corner type, smooth bezier or corner bezier. The same in 3Ds Max. Which is extremely convenient. One click of node type and you have all force of shape editing. In Rhino I see no way to do it so simple. Whether it possible within splines and surfaces nodes? I mean change node type? Thanks!

Hi Alexey - there is no one click way to do this - there is no concept in Rhino/NURBS in the same way as illustration programs of a smooth or sharp ‘node’. You can ConvertToBeziers and possibly Join the results to get points that may be like Corel etc if your curves are degree 3.


If it’s flat, you can do do this by changing the parting lines to maintain straight non-overlapping lines:

It’s even a polysurface, edited with solidpointon

The same thing could be solidpoint edited even of it were 3D extruded (really its turned into a polysurface beforehand, but you know what I mean.)

For 3D mangled surfaces, perhaps you could draw connecting outlines, and use record history, before you create a patch. I should think that as long as you can keep the edge nodes in the same place you might just make curved edges fit.

Here I am twisting 2 nodes on the parent curve.

Hi @Alexey_Borisov

Why not use extrude with history on? Then you could rebuild the curves as needed - giving you almost the same amount of control, as working with Illustrator or Freehand (at least for the example shown here).

Quick screencast:

HTH, Jakob

I see. Is it impossible at all or it’s just out of concept? I’m asking because the simplifying this process is a right step forward to improve user experience in your software. If it just a concept, whether it possible to implement Illustrator/Corel way to edit nodes, because it’s a huge time saving in workflow process (also it’s less stressful)?

As for now I need to create all my shapes in Corel and only then import it to Rhino. If there needed some adjustments, I have to start over, because it’s kind of brain explosion to use Rhino tools.

Please, see an example bellow. Do you see the final rendered result? To get this profile in Corel I have to draw line, convert nodes to bezier and manually move 2-nd and 4-th segment (which is really easy and convenient).

What should I do in Rhino? I’m drawing line, brake it, delete 2-nd and 4-th segments, choose arc and draw 2 arcs between 1-st, 3-rd and 5-th segments, combine segments to one spline - nightmare.

Please don’t say it possible could be in V7 )))

Hi Alexey - In Rhino, make your initial shape as a polyline, ChangeDegree to 2 and then turn on control points and move the middle point on each segment - does that do it?


The history is just an one half solution. And I talk about not only splines. If you are editing a lot of objects and at some point need to adjust them all together - there is no history will help. I think you have to have a chance to change the shape of your spline, surface or solid just by selecting nodes, setting the corner type and move it or else. I mean you can select any node on the surface (on any edge inner or outer) and rounded it with besier helpers in all directions (3d), and then you’ll get so precise and convenient way to shape the object.

Yes, I understand that it’s mix of vector and poligons concepts, but there no restrictions to apply same editing way to nurbes objects. Just imagine you can in one-two clicks change the shape on the nodes level of any objects. It’s huge achievement in 3d nurbes editing. Don’t you think?